Campaign Overview

Maccus: "It wants to be used. It told me to use it, for ‘heroism.’ "
Rhamea: “Too bad we’re not heroes, then.”

This 4e D&D game is set on a world composed entirely of small to mid-sized islands, creating a land rich with seafaring, exploration, and naval power. As with many original campaigns, this world tweaks the system slightly so be sure to look at changes to rules listed below:

Houserules: Read them, study them, love them.

The game is played Sundays 4PM PST to approximately 9PM PST. Games could run longer or shorter depending on encounters and story.

Main Crew:

  • Rhamea Capstan: Tiefling Artful Dodger Rogue, Level 8
  • Maccus: Shadar-Kai Rifle Hunter, Level 8
  • Rillifane: Wilden Cleric of Sehanine, Level 8
  • Rapid: Wolfen Earthstrength Warden, Level 8
  • Lan: Kalashtar Telepathic Psion, Level 8
  • High Seas

    Enoich Murmurer RyoWolf