Players no longer gain 1 action point after an extended rest, instead at each level, a player gains 3 + half level Action Points, replacing any unused action points left over from the previous level. These do not refresh. Extra action points are not gained by reaching milestones. Any effects gained by milestones function as normal.

Players gain action points in play one of two ways; they must either be awarded to the player in recognition of some achievement, or they are refreshed upon a level. Awards vary based on performance, roleplaying and involvement. For example, players who come up with a relatively clever method of engaging a target, gaining surprise or the upper hand could be rewarded with an action point, while others could become involved in an engaging roleplay scenario, looking deep into character motivations, and furthering the plot in an interesting way could also be rewarded. In addition, at the end of each session, the group can choose to vote for a single “MVP” that session, by whatever criteria they deem fit, so long as they do not vote for themselves. Votes are cast via /gm; the player with the highest number of votes is granted a single action point. In the case of a tie, the Co-GM becomes the tie breaker, choosing one of the two to gain the action point.

Once per turn, a player may opt to spend a number of action points to gain the benefit of an effect, but may do so no more than once per round. A player who spend an action point to gain an extra attack could not, for example, also spend a point to gain +1d6 to his attack roll, or a point to retain a missed encounter power. A player may only spend an action point on his turn, unless otherwise noted.

Some effects interact with action points in different ways: feats and path features that grant a benefit when using an action point only do so when used for gaining an extra action. Some feats modify how the action points can be used. Some creatures can actively ‘damage’ Action Point totals, sapping away your heroism. This is a rare event, often relegated to impressive Elites and Solos, and are often vitally plot-important. Any effect that does this, deals no hit point damage, but may also damage healing surges, or apply other conditions.

You may spend 1 action point to do the following:

  • Roll 1d6/tier, and add the highest roll to any ability check, skill check, saving throw or attack roll. This effect stacks with abilities that grant similar effects, such as Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes. If an effect would grant two rolls at the same time, such as Oath of Enmity, you add this to both rolls. If an effect would grant you a reroll, you can only apply this to one of those rolls, and is done so before you choose the result. You cannot spend an action point to increase a skill check if you are already taking 10 on the check.
  • Gain an extra standard action, once per encounter.
  • Retain an expended encounter power on a miss. If the encounter power has a miss effect, it costs one additional point to retain. If an encounter power with an effect line would be retained, the effect does not occur. When the power is used again, and not retained in this manner, the effect line occurs as normal.
  • Retain all power points spent on an augmented psionic attack, if it misses all targets.
  • Restore a single power point, if you possess the Psionic Augmentation feature.
  • Treat one untrained skill check as though you were trained, gaining a +5 bonus to that skill for that check alone.
  • Reroll one ability check, skill check, saving throw, or attack roll.

You may spend 2 action points to do the following:

  • Treat one saving throw, ability check or skill check as a natural 20.
  • Restore 2 power points, if you possess the Psionic Augmentation feature.
  • Gain an additional use of use-limited class feature, such as Healing Word, Infusion, or Lay on Hands, once per encounter.
  • Gain a second immediate action for the use of a mark punishment feature, such as Swordmage Aegis, Combat Challenge, or Mind Spike. This immediate action cannot be triggered by the same creature this turn. This can be used on another creature’s turn.

You may spend 3 action points to do the following:

  • Retain an expended daily power on a miss; if the daily has no miss line, and is not Reliable, it instead costs 2 action points. A Reliable power can never be retained in this way. You cannot use the daily again this encounter.
  • Treat one attack roll as a natural 20.


Heroic Spirit [Action]
Tier: Heroic
Gain an addtional 3 action points at each level.

Lucky Resolve [Action]
Tier: Heroic
You roll 1d8 per tier, instead of 1d6 when you spend an action point to apply a modifier to a check. You still only apply the highest die.


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